Due to Coronavirus all activities are now online up to the end of 2020, and additional activities are taking place over the summer months (subject to change as required). For enquiries please contact the Club Secretary, Gerry Kehoe 07775 818697. – we will  keep you informed via email for members, Facebook and via the website. Many thanks for your understanding in these hard times, obviously we need to think of our members health and follow Government guidelines.

3rd September 2020Welcome to the new seasonInteractive
Members present on their photography and workflow
17th SeptemberShoot out Competition (20-06)Terry Livesey
Three PDIs, one from each of four subjects
1st OctoberMacro PhotographyCarl Wright
Zoom Presentation
15th OctoberJohn Hope Competition (20-07)Steve Clifford
Open Competition
Four PDIs
29th OctoberMono MoodsColin Jarvis
Zoom Presentation
12th NovemberBill Ruddock Competition (20-08)John Lewis
Open Competition
Four Prints or PDIs
26th NovemberAnne's view on Judges CommentsAnne Sutcliffe
Zoom Presentation
3rd DecemberUp Your PhotographyPhil Savoie
Zoom Presentation
7th January 2021Braithwaite Competition (21-01)Bob Bracher
Macro and Close up Photography
Four Prints or PDIs
21st January 2021Kritters of the KrugerDave Tucker
4th FebruaryElizabeth Wise Competition (21-02)Scott Latham
Open Print Competition
Four Prints
18th FebruaryWeird and WonderfulPhil Cooling
4th MarchJack Grundy Competition (21-03)Dave Tucker
Abstract Photography
Four Prints or PDIs
18th MarchWarwickshire Plaque CompetitionShirley Camera Club
25th March 2021Photo Challenge
8th AprilThe Tony Albutt Plate (21-04)Heather Woodhams
Open Monochrome Competition
Four Monochrome Prints or PDIs
22nd AprilPhoto Challenge
6th MayRose Bowl Competition (21-05)Ralph Snook
Open including previous submissions
Four Prints or PDIs
27th MayAGM