External Exhibitions

The Club regularly supports our members who wish to enter their photos into external competitions, and we encourage them to do so.

The competitions we enter most regularly are:

The Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography

In both 2016 and 2017 we had three photos accepted into the Exhibition, and in 2018 this increased to five, with one awarded an SPS ribbon. In 2019 we had 2 acceptances.

Midphot Exhibition of Midland Photography – run by the Midland Counties Photographic Federation

In 2017 we had three photos accepted into Midphot an d in 2019 we had seven images accepted.

Photofolio – also run by the Midland Counties Photographic Federation

In 2016 we had 8 photos accepted into Photofolio.

Other Exhibitions

Occasionally, photos are also entered into other competitions including, in recent years, the Solihull Photographic Society’s Open Exhibition and South Birmingham Photographic Society’s Exhibition.

The gallery below shows the photos accepted into exhibitions in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Mike Adams – The Lone Leader (2019)

Mike Adams – Focused (2019)

Mike Adams – Three Peaks Racer (2019)

Barbara Parry – Parallel Lives (2019)

John Shaw – Leopard on the Move (2019)

John Shaw – Tornado Manoeuvre (2019)

Mike Adams – Dawn at Dunstanburgh (2019)

Tim Pindar – A Life Well Lived (2019)

Derek Robbins – Man on Bridge (2019)

Barbara Parry – Reach for the Heavens (2019)

John Shaw – Athletic Leap (2018)

Ann Shaw – Coils (2018)

John Shaw – Charlie the Saboteur (2018)

John Shaw – Em (2018)

Scavenging Vultures – John Shaw (2018)

Leader of the pack – Mike Adams (2017 & 2018)

Fish out of water – Barbara Cheshire (2018)

Flower – Inessa Gulik (2018)

Fighting for supremacy – John Shaw (2018 – SPS ribbon)

The Leap – John Shaw (2018)

Balancing Act –  John Shaw (2017)

Fashion Steps –  Brian Simpson (2017)

The Exhibitionist –  Ann Shaw (2017)

Innocence –  Inessa Gulik (2017)

On reflection where do I park –  Brian Simpson (2017)

Processing the leather –  Barbara Parry (2017)

Venice at sunrise –  John Shaw (2016)

Flirt –  Inessa Gulik (2016)

Sinead –  John Shaw (2016)

Surveying the top of the world –  Ann Shaw (2016)

Anna –  John Shaw (2016)

Alyx –  Barbara Cheshire (2016)

Cheetahs at the waterhole –  John Shaw (2016)


The Lone Leader Focused Three Peaks Racer Parallel Lives Leopard on the Move Tornado Manoeuvre Dawn at Dunstanburgh A life well lived Man on Bridge by Derek Robbins-3 P1160515Solihull Athletic Leap OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Charlie the saboteur Em Scavenging Vultures Leader of the Pack Fish out of water Flower 2nd Place Prints - Fighting for Supremacy by John Shaw The leap 3rd Prints Balancing Act by John Shaw PDI4 copy 2nd Prints The Exhibitionist by Ann Shaw Innocence 1st Birmingham signage by Brian Simpson 4_Venice at sunrise_John Shaw Flirt Sinead Surveyinng the top of the world Shaw ARPS_John_Cheetahs at the waterhole
2nd Place Prints - Fighting for Supremacy by John Shaw..F/STOP=F/5.6. Exposure Time=1/800 sec, ISO=100